Sentence Examples

  • He could not but view Ali in the light of an accomplice, because if, as he protested, he did not abet the murderers, yet he took them under his protection.
  • Here also psychology, by its elucidation of the important part which instinctive appetites and animal impulses play in the development of intelligence, still more perhaps by arguments (based largely upon the examination of hypnotic subjects or the phenomena of fixed ideas) which show the permanent influence of irrational or semi-rational suggestions or habits upon human conduct, has done much to aid and abet idealists in their contentions.
  • Guitar wunderkind Bryan Sutton also whipped up a froth with his hot picking ably abetted by a roster of great talents.
  • The main fear inducers seem to be the R.C. bishops many of whom are actively abetting the " potato famine " lie.
  • You are certainly not abetting the person breaking into your system.

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