Sentence Examples

  • Although modern medicine recognizes that stress, anxiety and depression can trigger IBS attacks, medical specialists agree that IBS is a genuine physical disorder-or group of disorders-with specific identifiable characteristics.
  • The 1995 models had a similar electrical design flaw where any liquid spilled in the console box (where people usually put drinks) could potentially short out the airbag deployment system and inadvertently trigger the airbags.
  • Daily Stress: Stress at home, at work, or other mental fatigue, including medical conditions, the death of a loved one, or financial strain can also trigger sleepwalking, especially if the individual has a genetic predisposition for it.
  • Something about her feet hitting the floor in the morning seemed to trigger her stomach.
  • It is ordinarily caught in wooden traps of simple construction, being little enclosures of stakes or brush in which the bait is placed upon a trigger, with a short upright stick supporting a log of wood, which falls upon its victim on the slightest disturbance.