Sentence Examples

  • The statistics of the killed usually afford all necessary stimulus to improvement.
  • My teacher, realizing this, determined to supply the kinds of stimulus I lacked.
  • The increase in the demand, for which the employment of rubber tires is largely responsible, has given an increased stimulus to the production of " wild " rubber, with the result that trees and vines have been recklessly cut and destroyed, and in some instances vast regions, as in the S.
  • Organs which respond to the mechanical stimulus of contact are found to possess special contrivances in certain of their cells(I) sensitive spots, consisting of places here and there on the epidermal cells where the wall is thin and in close contact with protoplasmic projections.
  • In other words, the plant must be irritable to the stimulus exerted from without, and be capable of responding to it by changes of form and structure.