Sentence Examples

  • The ordination and induction of ministers is always the act of a presbytery.
  • Telephonic speech between these two circuits was found possible and good, the communication between the circuits taking place partly by induction, and no doubt partly by conduction.
  • Weber, which was found capable of explaining all the phenomena investigated by Ampere as well as the induction currents of Faraday.
  • 7, the microphone, a battery and the primary of an induction coil in a local circuit, and putting the line in circuit with the secondary of the induction coil, which acted as the transmitter.
  • The method of induction between insulated primary and secondary circuits laid out flat on the surface of the earth proves to be of limited application, and in his later experiments Preece returned to a method which unites both conduction and induction as the means of affecting one circuit by a current in another.