Sentence Examples

  • Great Britain, without conscription, has no means of raising troops in any such proportion.
  • Few soldiers were obtained by the conscription, for the government was as weak as it was tyrannical.
  • After the peace of Tilsit the Grand Army was gradually withdrawn behind the Rhine, leaving only three commands, totalling 63,000 men, under Davout in Prussia, Oudinot in west central Germany, and Lefebvre in Bavaria, to assist the princes of the Confederation of the Rhine in the maintenance of order and the enforcement of the French law of conscription, which was rigorously insisted on in all the States comprised in this new federation.
  • The signal for a widespread rising was the introduction of conscription acts for the recruiting of the depleted armies on the eastern frontiers.
  • The constitution authorizes the formation of a militia (7roXerocvXaKr)) to be enrolled by conscription, but in existing circumstances the embodiment of this force seems unnecessary.