Sentence Examples

  • The other step, the "retro hustle," is basically the same kind of step, but with the foot doing the "touch" crossing over the planted foot and touching the floor on the outside (instead of the inside) before moving back.
  • Other line dances such as the Continental Walk and the Bus Stop were basically versions of the original Hustle but with the dancers turning to repeat steps in four different directions sequentially.
  • You sound protective of him and while that's not an entirely bad thing, you may not have taken him out into the world enough to accept the hustle and bustle as an everyday normal occurrence.
  • Whether you like the classic films, modern ones, animated or all three, holiday movies are a great way for you to forget about all the hustle and bustle of the season, sit down, watch a movie and enjoy your family.
  • Why didn't you just hustle out of town when I told you she was here?