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  • The ordinary use of "hustings" at the present day for the platform from which a candidate speaks at a parliamentary or other election, or more widely for a political candidate's election campaign, is derived from the application of the word, first to the platform in the Guildhall on which the London court was held, and next to that from which the public nomination of candidates for a parliamentary election was formerly made, and from which the candidate addressed the electors.
  • The municipal records of London, its hustings court and city companies, are too multifarious to describe; someclasses of these documents have been exemplified in the worksof Dr R.
  • " Rusting," or more usually in the plural "hustings," was the name of a court of the city of London.
  • The charter of Canute (1032) contains a reference to "hustings" weights, which points to the early establishment of the court.
  • In that year he became attorney-general and was returned by Edinburgh, for which he sat till 1841.2 His political creed declared upon the hustings there was that of a moderate Whig.

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