Sentence Examples

  • "Now, please, without further ado, explain," he said, in an attempt to control the conversation.
  • Hence, if a be the width of the diffracted beam, and do the angle through which the wave-front is turned, ado = dX, or dispersion = /a ..
  • By Ado of Vienne and Hincmar of Reims), and it was employed by two Frankish popes, Gregory V.
  • But this arrangement was cried down as a revolutionary departure from all established precedent; and he had much ado to secure the compromise that doctrines and practical reforms should be simultaneously discussed.
  • In a long despatch penn, of the 6th of March he discussed the general situation, aDo and pointed out that although the force at his disposal military was amply sufficient for raising the siege of Khartum Situation at end of and defeating the mahch, the conditions were changed operatloas.