Examples of Onomatopoeia in Nature

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Updated January 27, 2021
Onomatopoeia ducks in nature example
    Onomatopoeia ducks in nature example
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An onomatopoeia is a word that mimics the sound it names. For example, "The acorn plopped into the puddle." Typically, we associate plopping with raindrops. In this instance, we're using onomatopoeia to show the acorn is imitating that sound. Explore onomatopoeia sentences for things found in nature.

Onomatopoeia in Nature: Example Sentences

Since nature is full of color, sound and wonder, it's a common go-to when writers and poets want to paint imagery into their writing. Without further ado, let's enjoy some examples of onomatopoeia in nature that you can use to make your writing more expressive and imaginative. Explore different sounds found in nature through these onomatopoeia sentences.

  • The rocks kerplunk as they fall into the lake.
  • Listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the leaves.
  • Lighting crackles and thunder rumbles through the night.
  • The boulder hit the ground with a flump.
  • Leaves rustle in the wind and are whipped into the air.
  • The waves crashed against the rocks.
  • The hail snapped small branches off the trees.
  • The wind whooshed through the trees.
  • The dead leaves crackled on the ground.
  • The wind howled in the storm.
  • The river gurgles as it passes over the rocks.
  • The water in the brook gurgles and rushes.
  • Tree branches howl in the wind.
  • The thunder crashes around us.
  • Wind whistles through the branches of the tree.
  • The waves lap against the shore.
  • The needles chatter against the ice on the pine trees.
  • The snow crunches under your feet.

Onomatopoeia: Wild Animal Sounds

It isn’t just the sounds around you that make great onomatopoeia examples. You can explore wild animal onomatopoeia examples sentences too.

  • Snakes slither among the leaves.
  • The geese honk as they fly across the sky.
  • Bees busily buzz as they fly from flower to flower.
  • The butterflies flutter as they take flight.
  • You could hear the distinct awoooo of the wolves howling at the night.
  • The caw of the crows was hard to miss.
  • Ducks quacked loudly as they swam across the pond.
  • Morning chirps of the birds are loudest.
  • The frog ribbited as it jumped into the pond.
  • You can hear the roar of the lions in the distance.
  • The dolphins clicked in greeting.
  • You know the horses are coming down the road by the clip-clop of their hooves.
  • High up in the trees, you could hear the parrots squawk.
  • The pigeons cooed loudly as they circled the food.
  • The mouse squeaked as it scurried along the ground.
  • The low grr of the tiger was hard to miss as it stalked its prey.
  • Warbling wrens filled the birdbath.
  • It was hard to miss the distinct croak of the frogs.
  • During the savannah tour, he heard the whoop of zebras.

Onomatopoeia: Farm Animal Sounds

While there are distinct animal sounds you’ll hear in the wild, you’ll also find some familiar sounds on farms. Explore these onomatopoeia examples sentences.

  • The horse neighed at the visitors.
  • The pigs oink as they flop in the mud.
  • You can hear the peep peep of the chickens as they peck the ground.
  • The dog growled menacingly at the strangers.
  • The cat meows incessantly as she pets it.
  • The mooing of the cows was hard to miss.
  • Baa baa bleated the sheep.
  • The cat purred loudly as you scratched her ears.
  • Cock-a-doodle-do filled the air the minute the sun started to rise.
  • The dogs ruffed wildly to announce the arrival of the strangers.
  • Horses whined nervously at the approaching car.
  • The turkeys gobbled in their pens.
  • The disgruntled cat yowled.
  • They heard the distinct hee-haw of the donkeys in the barn.

Painting Word Pictures

We can create actual sounds with our words — what a wonder. This allows them to pop off the page and into our ears. With onomatopoeias, we don't just envision rain falling, we hear it plopping heavily on the creaking windowsill. When you're ready, continue your poetic exploration with examples of onomatopoeia poems and examples of onomatopoeia for kids.