Sentence Examples

  • Five distinct varieties of black coal, of well-characterized.
  • There are several varieties of snakes, of which three species (all vipers) are poisonous.
  • In the upper valleys of the Alps there are many local varieties, one of which at Ossola is like the Scottish blacklace.
  • In the secondary tissues of Dicotyledons we may have, as already described, considerably more differentiation of the cells, all the varieties being referable, however, on the one hand to the tracheal or sieve-tube type, on the other to the parenchyma type.
  • The varieties of coast-lines were reduced to an exact classification by Richthofen, who grouped them according to the height and slope of the land into cliff-coasts (Steilkiisten)- narrow beach coasts with cliffs, wide beach coasts with cliffs, and 1 Rumpf, in German, the language in which this distinction was first made.