Sentence Examples

  • Five distinct varieties of black coal, of well-characterized.
  • Lower Loire, the valley of which abounds in orchards wherein many varieties of fruit flourish and in nursery-gardens.
  • In a region so extensive very great varieties of climate are naturally to be expected, but it may be stated as a general law that the climate of Australia is milder than that of corresponding lands in the northern hemisphere.
  • The flying fox; the python, the cobra, and many other varieties of snake, including the hamadryad; the alligator, the otter and the gavial, as well as countless kinds of squirrel, rat, &c., are found throughout the jungles of the peninsula in great numbers.
  • Of course, in a territory of such large extent there are many varieties of climate, and the heat is greater along the coast than on the elevated lands of the interior.

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