Sentence Examples

  • However that may be, it must be confessed even by Slavophils that he dragged his countrymen, more by force than by persuasion, from the paths of traditional routine and pushed them along with all his might on the broad road of progress in the modern sense of the term.
  • The struggle was fierce; but at length, employing persuasion as well as force, the old king triumphed.
  • He was everywhere, encouraging and compelling his men - it is a legend in the French army that the persuasion even of the imperial boot was used upon some of his reluctant conscripts, and in the result his system was fully justified, as it triumphed even against a great tactical surprise.
  • In a succession of missionary journeys he succeeded, partly by persuasion and partly (if his enemies are to be believed) ' See Labourt, op. cit., especially pp. 87-90, 92-99.
  • 1613), a mild divine, who had written a treatise on persuasion in religion, urging that as to it "men could be led, not driven"; Lambert Danaeus, who deserves remembrance as the first to discuss Christian ethics scientifically, apart from dogmatics; Johannes Drusius, the Orientalist, one of the most enlightened and advanced scholars of his day, settled later at Franeker; Johann Kolmann the younger, best known by his saying that high Calvinism made God "both a tyrant and an executioner."

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