Sentence Examples

  • She looked him over, silently dismissing any notion that this creature spent much time in the mortal world.
  • "It's what I made out of his nonsense.  Death can't bring a mortal back from the dead – it would break every Immortal Code there is.  I may be wrong, but what if …" Kris didn't hear Kiki's words.  Instead he mulled over the notion that Death had sought out Rhyn.  Their eldest brother, Andre, had spoken long ago about talking to Death on several occasions.  Whatever passed between them, Andre had never trusted the deity.  Their father as well had been a distant acquaintance to the elusive deity.
  • Sometimes Jeff had this notion about protecting me from anything unpleasant.
  • It may be safely stated that Lotze would allow much latitude to individual convictions, as indeed it is evident that the empty notion of an absolute can only become living and significant to us in the same degree as experience and thought have taught us to realize the seriousness of life, the significance of creation, the value of the beautiful and the good, and the supreme worth of personal holiness.
  • His account of the notion of external existence, as derived, not from pure sensation, but from the experience of action on the one hand and resistance on the other, may be compared with the account of Bain and later psychologists.

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