Sentence Examples

  • Noting her somber expression, the smile faded from his lips and the twinkle left his eyes.
  • He witnessed the battle of Edgehill, where he made afterwards an exact survey of the field, noting how the armies were drawn up, and 'where and in what direction the various movements took place, and marking the graves of the slain.
  • P. Langley in 18 93 at Mount Whitney in California (14,000 ft.), with the bolometer, an exceedingly sensitive instrument which he invented, and which enabled him to feel his way thermally over the whole spectrum, noting all the Constant.
  • The fact that in these instances governments had a good deal to say in the regulation of the status of such serfs is well worth noting: it explains to a great extent the legal limitations of the power of the lords.
  • It is worth noting that even as late as the close of the 16th century the Maronite patriarch found it necessary to protest by anathema against imputations of heresy.

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