Sentence Examples

  • The oldest form of the word is Eriu, of which Erinn is the dative case.
  • The broad lower end of the symbol is rather an accidental pit in the stone than an attempt at a diacritic mark - the word is regei, in all probability the early dative form of rex, " king."
  • These belong to a group of four auxiliary particles called te ni wo ha (or we), which serve to mark the cases of nouns, te (or de) being the sign of the instrumental ablative; ni that of the dative; wo that of the objective, and wa that of the nominative.
  • The inscription is earlier than the Latin change of s between vowels into r, for Numasioi is the dative of the older form which corresponds to the later Numerius.
  • The rounded form ofy is found with the value of G in R EC E I, which is probably the dative of rex.

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