Sentence Examples

  • The superiority of this notation over that of Dalton is not so obvious when we consider such simple cases as the above, but chemists are now acquainted with very complex molecules containing numerous atoms; cane sugar, for example, has the formula C 12 H 22 0, 1.
  • There is a complete edition in modern notation by T.
  • But to sing the lower Greek modes in or near the vocal octave it was necessary to transpose (yEraj30Xii) a fourth upwards, which is effected in modern notation by a flat placed upon the b line of the staff; thus modulating from our major key of C to that of F.
  • The spacing of abc notation will tend to mirror the grouping which would be used in standard notation.
  • Children are known to often invent idiosyncratic notation to describe their mathematical findings, or to use algebraic notation in unusual ways.

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