Sentence Examples

  • It was off this island that John Gow, the pirate, was taken in 1725.
  • The great pirate city was not in fact thoroughly tamed till its conquest by France in 1830.
  • Of his poems may be mentioned The Oath, a series of most beautiful ballads, with a tragical love-story of the 17th century as their base, but with many and happy satirical allusions to modern life; JOrundr, a long poem about the convict king, the Danish pirate Jorgensen, who nearly succeeded in making himself the master of Iceland, and The Fate of the Gods and The Men of the West (the Americans), two poems which, with their anti-clerical and half-socialistic tendencies, have caused strong protests from orthodox Lutheran clergy.
  • The word appears in French as pirate for a liquid measure as early as the 13th century.
  • They threw in their lot (c. 1530) with the pirate Khair-ed-Din, and subsequently received a Turkish garrison.