Sentence Examples

  • His mother was Margery, daughter of SirWilliam Brereton of that ilk in Cheshire(Ormerod's Cheshire, iii.
  • The poem, entitled the Buke of the Howlat, written about 1450, shows his devotion to the house of Douglas: "On ilk beugh till embrace Writtin in a bill was 0 Dowglass, 0 Dowglass Tender and trewe!"
  • (4) Forsothe that ilk Ioon hadde cloth of the heeris of cameylis, and a girdil of skyn aboute his leendis; sothely his mete weren locustis, and hony of the wode.
  • Vector ilL which is the geometric sum of ilK, KL.
  • To define the moment of a force about an axis HK, we project the force orthogonally on a plane perpendicular to HK and take the moment of the projection about the intersection of ilK with the plane (see 4).

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