Sentence Examples

  • Another was hunch-backed and dressed in heavy robes despite the heat of the day, and a third man barely taller than her had white irises and silvering hair.
  • In the spring there was a fancy-dress ball at Buckingham Palace, which remained memorable owing to the offence loyal members of the Southampton Corporation remem sorebered Raleigh, and spread their robes on the ground reigns.
  • He added, "They settle ninety percent of those things before the judge gets his robes on."
  • The high priest dressed in his robes went out to meet him, and at the sight Alexander remembered a dream, in which such a man had appeared to him as the appointed leader of his expedition.
  • Princess Ozma, dressed in her most splendid robes of state, sat in the magnificent emerald throne, with her jewelled sceptre in her hand and her sparkling coronet upon her fair brow.