Sentence Examples

  • Reservation for the sick and unction of the sick were retained; and exorcism, unction, trine immersion and the chrisom were included in the baptismal service.
  • The " Chrisom " or " chrysom," a variant of " chrism," lengthened through pronunciation, is a white cloth with which the head of a newly baptized child was covered to prevent the holy oil from being rubbed off.
  • If the baby died within a month of its baptism, it was shrouded in its chrisom; otherwise the cloth or its value was given to the church as an offering by the mother at her churching.
  • Children dying within the month were called chrisom-children " or " chrisoms," and up to 1726 such entries occur in bills of mortality.
  • 3, says of Falstaff: " A' made a finer end and went away an it had been any Chrisom Child."

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