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  • (1) The principal stream is considered to be that of the Hinter Rhine, which issues (7271 ft.) from the glaciers of the Rheinwaldhorn group, and then flows first N.E.
  • But all the loftiest peaks rise on it: Scopi (10,499 ft.), Piz Medel (10,509 ft.), the Rheinwaldhorn (11,149 ft.), the Tambohorn (10,749 ft.) and Piz Timun (10,502 ft.).
  • 11,684 Rheinwaldhorn Guferhorn Blindenhorn Basodino Tambohorn Helsenhorn Wasenhorn Ofenhorn Cherbadung Piz Medel Scopi Pizzo Rotondo Pizzo dei Piani Piz Terri Piz Aul Pizzo di Pesciora Wyttenwasserstock Campo Tencia.
  • (i) Before 1st January 1858:-Titlis (1744), Ankogel (1762), Mont Velan (1'779), Mont Blanc (1786), Rheinwaldhorn (1789), Gross Glockner (1800), Ortler (1804), Jungfrau (1811), Finsteraarhorn (1812), Zumsteinspitze (1820), Todi (1824), Altels (1834), Piz Linard (1835), Gross Venediger (1841), Signalkuppe (1842), Wetterhorner � (1844-1845), Mont Pelvoux (1848), Diablerets and Piz Bernina (both in 1850), highest point of Monte Rosa (1855), Laquinhorn (1856) and Pelmo (1857).

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