Sentence Examples

  • The whippet is a local English dog, used chiefly in rabbit coursing and racing, and is almost certainly a cross between greyhounds and terriers.
  • Its most characteristic animals and birds are the white-tailed jack-rabbit, pallid vole, sage hen, sharp-tailed grouse and greentailed towhee; the large Columbia ground-squirrel (Spermophflus columbianus) is common in that part of the zone which re west of the Rocky Mountains, but east of the Rockies it is replaced by another species (Cynomys) which closely resembles a small prairie dog.
  • With figures of the ancient moon-god, the twelve months, and the rabbit as the animal moon - emblem.
  • The young seedlings are sometimes nibbled by the hare and rabbit; and on parts of the highland hills both bark and shoots are eaten in the winter by the roe-deer; larch woods should always be fenced in to keep out the hill-cattle, which will browse upon the shoots in spring.
  • The Mexican calendar depended on the combination of numbers with picture-signs, of which the four principal were the rabbit, reed, flint,, house - tochtli, acatl, tecpatl, calli.

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