Sentence Examples

  • FLYING - SQUIRREL, properly the name of such members of the squirrel-group of rodent mammals as have a parachute-like expansion of the skin of the flanks, with attachments to the limbs, by means of which they are able to take long flying-leaps from tree to tree.
  • It may be added that a few traces of mammals have been obtained from the English Wealden, among which an incisor tooth foreshadows the rodent type.
  • The comparatively few indigenous placental mammals, besides the dingo or wild dog - which, however, may have come from the islands north of this continent - are of the bat tribe and of the rodent or rat tribe.
  • Many of the chemical selected for this trial are rodent carcinogens that are not human carcinogens.
  • Recent research work here has been undertaken on the auditory cortex and the rodent barrel cortex.

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