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  • It was then that my slowly reacting brain, flowing like cold molasses began to function, more than a gerbil driven wheel.
  • They are small longsnouted gerbil-like animals, mainly nocturnal, feeding on insects, and characterized by the great length of the metatarsal bones, which have been modified in accordance with their leaping mode of progression.
  • GERBIL, or Gerbille, the name of a group of small, elegant, large-eyed, jumping rodents typified by the North African Gerbillus aegyptiacus (or gerbilles), and forming a special subfamily, Gerbillinae, of the rat tribe or Muridae.
  • A site about pet gerbils with links to the author's other animal pages.
  • A pair of males will live happily together and as with Mongolian gerbils appear to become very attached to their partners.

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