Sentence Examples

  • (2) The acceleration of the element at the origin is - n 2 sin nt; so that the force which would have to be applied to the parts where the density is D' (instead of D), in order that the waves might pass on undisturbed, is, per unit of volume, (D' - D)n 2 sin nt.
  • It is a fundamental result in dynamics that, if a body be projected vertically upwards in vacuo, with a velocity of v centimetres per second, it will rise to a height of v 2 /2g centimetres, where g represents the numerical value of the acceleration produced by gravity in centimetre-second units.
  • Now, if m represent the mass of the body in grammes its weight will be mg dynes, for it will require a force of mg dynes to produce in it the acceleration denoted by g.
  • In Section 1 we derive the velocity and acceleration of a particle moving in a circle.
  • One is due to the acceleration of electrons by Langmuir waves which are excited by the pump wave.

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