Sentence Examples

  • By supposing the retardation to vary uniformly and continuously we, fall upon the case of an ordinary prism: but there;, is then no diffraction spectrum in the usual sense.
  • His " law of acceleration " together with the complementary " law of retardation," or the slowing up in the development of certain characters (first propounded by E.
  • The above law of gradual evolution is perfectly consistent with a second principle, namely, that at certain times evolution is much more rapid than at others, and that organisms are accelerated or retarded in development in a manner broadly analogous to the acceleration or retardation of separate organs.
  • The actual number of sets of apparatus it was possible to work multiplex depended upon the length of the line, for if the latter were long, retardation effects modified the working conditions.
  • After a very short interval of time, the length of which depends on the inductive retardation of the cable, the condensers corresponding to C 1 and C3 at the other end begin to be charged from the cable, and since the charge of C3 passes through the receiving instrument I or G the signal is recorded.

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