Sentence Examples

  • The slowing of the heart is partly brought about by an action on the vagus centre.
  • Thiourea and many of its unsymmetrical derivatives have marked physiological action; thiourea causes a slowing of the pulse and respiration, cardiac failure, and death in convulsions; phenyl-, ethyland acetyl-thiourea are actively toxic. The most important derivative pharmacologically is allyl-thiourea, also known as thiosinamine or rhodallin, NH2 CS NH CH2 CH:CH2.
  • His " law of acceleration " together with the complementary " law of retardation," or the slowing up in the development of certain characters (first propounded by E.
  • They raced the horses past the pond and up the hill, slowing when they came to the rocky area.
  • She returned his wave without slowing down.

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