Sentence Examples

  • The output nf stone from quarries is greatly diminished (from 12,500,000 tons, worth 1/21,920,000, in 1890, to 8,000,000 tons, worth 1/2f 400,000, in 1899), a circumstance probably attributable to the slackening of building enterprise in many cities, and to the decrease in the demand for stone for railway, maritime and river embankment works.
  • The temperature then falls rapidly and there is a gradual slackening in the production of organic substance and a general lethargy of life.
  • Since that the moment of the lead touching the bottom by the sudden time the British cable-ships have been busy in all the oceans slackening in the rate at which the line ran out.
  • The Prussians had seized the opportunity offered by the slackening of the French attacks to rally and deliver a counterstroke, which was parried, after achieving a small measure of success, by the bayonets of the Young Guard.
  • The general looked the captain up and down as he came up panting, slackening his pace as he approached.

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