Sentence Examples

  • Hence they are very commonly made unstable, or " accelerating," i.e.
  • But as the motion of rivers is not continually accelerated,and soon arrives at a state of uniformity,it is evident that the viscosity of the water, and the friction of the channel in which it descends, must equal the accelerating force.
  • It passes over equal spaces in equal times, but falls with an accelerating velocity according to the formula h = zgt 2, where h is the height fallen through, g the force of gravity, and t the time of flight.
  • After the Union its shipping fell off, Jacobite troubles and the American War of Independence accelerating the decline.
  • Since high average speed on a line with frequent stops depends largely on rapidity of acceleration, the tendency in modern equipment is to secure as great an output of power as possible during the accelerating period, with corresponding increase in weight available for adhesion.