Sentence Examples

  • Hence they are very commonly made unstable, or " accelerating," i.e.
  • After the Union its shipping fell off, Jacobite troubles and the American War of Independence accelerating the decline.
  • But as the motion of rivers is not continually accelerated,and soon arrives at a state of uniformity,it is evident that the viscosity of the water, and the friction of the channel in which it descends, must equal the accelerating force.
  • It passes over equal spaces in equal times, but falls with an accelerating velocity according to the formula h = zgt 2, where h is the height fallen through, g the force of gravity, and t the time of flight.
  • BLOWPIPE, in the arts and chemistry, a tube for directing a jet of air into a fire or into the flame of a lamp or gas jet, for the purpose of producing a high temperature by accelerating the combustion.