Sentence Examples

  • As the earth of light has five tokens (the mild zephyr, cooling wind, bright light, quickening fire, and clear water), so has the earth of darkness also five (mist, heat, the sirocco, darkness and vapour).
  • Accelerare, to hasten, celer, quick), hastening or quickening; in mechanics, a term employed to denote the rate at which the velocity of a body, whose motion is not uniform, either increases or decreases.
  • Village Methodism shared in the quickening which the Forward Movement brought to the large towns.
  • The difficulty that is naturally experienced by a traveller in finding sufficient support on a sparsely populated "ground" has brought into vogue the traveller on commission who represents several firms. The traveller with salary and allowances for expenses survives, but the quickening induced by an interest in the amount of sales has caused many firms to adopt the principle of commission, which may, however, be an addition to a minimum salary.
  • As the pace of Internet technology's advance keeps quickening, it will not only reveal (and answer) latent desires we never knew we had, but it also will increasingly mean tasks that have been technically impossible will become possible.

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