Sentence Examples

  • They are established in the chief towns, and their principal function is to advi.~e the government on measures for improving and facilitating commerce and industry within their circumscription.
  • At the apex of a root, covering and protecting th~ delicate tissue of the growing point, is a special root-cap consistinf of a number of layers of tissue whose cells break down into mucilagi towards the outer surface, thus facilitating the passage of the ape~ as it is pushed between the particles of soil.
  • The dock is provided with railways and machinery for facilitating traffic, including a large grain elevator.
  • In the same way banks, railway companies and financial institutions employ dragomans for facilitating their business relations with Turkish officials.
  • The waterways of Cochin-China communicate by means of natural or artificial channels (arroyos), facilitating transport and aiding in the uniform distribution of the inundation to which the country owes its fertility.

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