Sentence Examples

  • Take notes on what you do and don't like about individual photographs, and share those notes and pictures with your wedding coordinator, florist, venue manager, and anyone who will help decorate for your event.
  • More elaborate services, especially those for a larger wedding and reception, may need more complex arrangements that can best be provided by a Hawaii-based wedding coordinator rather than a company that provides the entire wedding package.
  • All Norwegian Cruises wedding packages include consultation with a wedding coordinator, ceremony, officiant, ceremony music, wedding cake for bride and groom and wine or champagne, a keepsake marriage certificate, and photography services.
  • A paid internship would be ideal, so visit your school's internship coordinator to learn more about available opportunities.If you can't snag a paid internship, that doesn't mean your hard work won't be noticed by future employers.
  • If your venue has a chandelier that uses electric candle bulbs, check the light fixture carefully for burned out bulbs a day or two before your event, or ask the venue's coordinator to be sure the fixture is properly serviced.