Sentence Examples

  • Deidre watched closely as Cora demonstrated how to heat water, insert the teabag and then add sugar.
  • The size of the boiler may be increased or diminished by the addition or subtraction of one or more sections; these, being simple in design, are easily fitted together, and should a section become defective it is a simple matter to insert a new one in its place.
  • The second edition in English appeared at Edinburgh in 1611, and in the preface to it Napier states he intended to have published an edition in Latin soon after the original publication in 1593, but that, as the work had now been made public by the French and Dutch translations, besides the English editions, and as he was "advertised that our papistical adversaries wer to write larglie against the said editions that are alreadie set out," he defers the Latin edition "till having first seene the adversaries objections, I may insert in the Latin edition an apologie of that which is rightly done, and an amends of whatsoever is amisse."
  • But prior to this accomplishment, back in 1992, an effort was begun to insert a gene from a daffodil and a gene from a soil bacteria into rice, allowing it to produce vitamin A. The resulting rice was yellow-orange in color and was named "Golden Rice."
  • You say, "Insert the left buckle into the V-shaped grommet ..."

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