Sentence Examples

  • The Meriones (four species) and the jerboa (five species) are only met with in the steppe region.
  • The jerboa group (Dipodidae, or Jaculidae) is also mainly an Old World type, although its aberrant representatives the jumping-mice (Zapus) have effected an entrance into Arctic North America.
  • There are two or three varieties of hares, and a species of jerboa and several genera of mongooses.
  • JERBOA, properly the name of an Arabian and North African jumping rodent mammal, Jaculus aegyptius (also known as Jaculus, or Dipus, jaculus) typifying the family Jaculidae (or Dipodidae), but in a wider sense applied to most of the representatives of that family, which are widely distributed over the desert and semi-desert tracts of the Old World, although unknown in Africa south of the Sahara.
  • In the young jerboa the proportion of the femur to the rest of the leg is the same as in ordinary running animals.

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