Sentence Examples

  • That of the alpine zone includes two species of dassy (Pr ocavia), a coney (Hyrax), and a rat (Otomys).
  • In the latter are the coney, jerboa, several small rodents and the ibex.
  • It is said that the aborigines had a breed of dogs which did not bark, and a small coney is also mentioned.
  • HYRACOIDEA, a suborder of ungulate mammals represented at the present day only by the Syrian hyrax (Procavia syriaca), the "coney" of the Bible, and its numerous African relatives, all of which may be included in the single genus Procavia (or Hyrax), and consequently in the family Procaviidae.
  • The ichneumon (Pharaohs rat) is common and often tame; the coney and jerboa are found in the eastern mountains.