Sentence Examples

  • By mixing the d- and 1- forms, a racemic variety melting at 253° C. is.
  • The racemic trans-acid is produced by the reduction of the dihydrobromide of A 4 -tetrahydrophthalic acid or dihydrophthalic acid.
  • The trans-acid is a racemic compound, which on heating with acetyl chloride gives the anhydride of the cis-acid.
  • The a-propyl piperidine so obtained is the inactive (racemic) form of conine, and it can be resolved into the dextroand laevo-varieties by means of dextro-tartaric acid, the d-conine d-tartrate with caustic soda giving d-conine closely resembling the naturally occurring alkaloid.
  • The alkaloids fall into two chemical groups: (i) derivatives of isoquinoline, including papaverine, narcotine, gnoscopine (racemic narcotine), narceine, laudanosine, laudanine, cotarnine, hydrocotarnine (the last two do not occur in opium), and (2) derivatives of phenanthrene, including morphine, codeine, thebaine.

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