Sentence Examples

  • Berzelius by the dry distillation of tartaric or racemic acids (Pogg.
  • Since the molecule contains an asymmetric carbon atom, the acid exists in three forms, one being an inactive "racemic" mixture, and the other two being optically active forms. The inactive variety is known as paramandelic acid.
  • J.C.S., 1907, 1, p. 632), who showed that two racemic propyl tetrahydroberberines are produced when propyl dihydroberberine is reduced.
  • It may be prepared by heating racemic acid (see TARTARIC Acid) with fuming hydriodic acid; by heating fumaric acid (q.v.) with water at 150-200° C.; by the action of nitrous acid on inactive aspartic acid; and by the action of moist silver oxide on monobromsuccinic acid.
  • Four acids of this composition are known, namely dextroand laevo-tartaric acids, racemic acid and mesotartaric acid, the two last being optically inactive (see Stereo-Isomerism).

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