Sentence Examples

  • Once Dean was standing at the podium and he'd controlled the shake in his knees and hidden the sweat on his palms, he felt he didn't do badly.
  • He stumbled as he climbed the steps to the pulpit and grasped the podium like a life preserver.
  • The stele of most Lycopods is amore or less modified protostele, but in the genus Lyco podium a peculiar arrangement of the xylem Ab and phloem is found, in which the latter, instead of being erran confined to a peripheral mantle of tissue, forms bands Stelar running across the stele and alternating with similal Systems of bands of xylem (fig.
  • Naturally, it is among the free living forms that the parapodium is best developed, and least developed among the tubicolous belongs typically a long tentacle, the cirrus, which 'r podium or neuropodium, and may be developed into an arborescent gill or into a flat scale-like process, A the elytron (in Polynoe, &c.).
  • The foot of the Pectinibranchia, unlike the simple muscular disk of the Isopleura and Aspidobranchia, is very often divided into lobes, a fore, middle and hind lobe (pro-, mesoand meta-podium, see figs.

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