Sentence Examples

  • Long, slightly flattened and with the rostrum or beak, in front of the carapace, very short.
  • A, Rostrum or hypostome; b, b, Palpi; c, Genital aperture; d, Anal orifice; e, e, Ventral surface of capitulum; g, Sternum; 1 -7, segments of leg.
  • This group is characterized by the prolongation of the head into a rostrum or proboscis, at the end of which the mouth, with its appendages, is placed.
  • Its rostrum is unusually long, being five-sixths of the body length in the female, and slightly shorter in the male.
  • Usually the sides of the carapace are strangely produced into a mock rostrum in front of the ocular lobe, be it oculiferous or not.

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