Sentence Examples

  • Long, slightly flattened and with the rostrum or beak, in front of the carapace, very short.
  • Within the groove of the rostrum two pairs of slender piercers - often barbed at the tip - work to and fro.
  • The name of "pink shrimp" is given to Pandalus montagui or annulicornis, which turns red on boiling and which resembles in form the larger "prawns," having a long rostrum or beak, saw-edged above and below.
  • The bivalved carapace has a jointed rostrum, and covers only the front part of the body, to which it is only attached quite in front, the valve-like sides being under control of an adductor muscle.
  • This becomes divided into two, the right half forming the cavity of the rostrum, while the left acquires an opening to the exterior, and forms the praeoral pit of the larva, which subsequently gives rise to special ciliated tracts in the vestibule of the mouth mentioned above.

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