Sentence Examples

  • I'd be lying if I didn't admit we have expenses and we're limited in what we can do because of real life restraints, but we're not in this for a golden purse.
  • Avoiding the artificial restraints of civilization, they were prone to fall back into animalism pure and simple.
  • "His divinity is a fire,which,under proper restraints, confers endless blessings; but if rashly touched, or allowed to break bounds, it burns or destroys what it touches.
  • Hetherington, and which he justified on the singular ground that "the vast bulk of the population believe that morality depends entirely on revelation; and if a doubt could be raised among them that the ten commandments were given by God from Mount Sinai, men would think they were at liberty to steal, and women would consider themselves absolved from the restraints of chastity."
  • But Pasic, free from the restraints of a coalition and from all parliamentary control, had reverted to his original pan-Serb standpoint, and steadily declined to reconstruct his Cabinet on a wider Yugoslav basis.

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