Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, the countries formerly subdued by the Franks availed themselves of this opportunity to loosen the yoke; Thuringia was lost by Sigebert in 641, and the revolt of Alamannia in 643 set back the frontier of the kingdom from the Elbe to Austrasia.
  • Laxare, to loosen), e.g.
  • Absolutio from absolvo, loosen, acquit), a term used in civil and ecclesiastical law, denoting the act of setting free or acquitting.
  • And further, by inviting them to loosen, though not exactly to dissolve, their political allegiance - the very thing that gave them stability - it removed the foundation on which they rested.
  • The European operations in China consequent on the "Boxer" rising showed how distance from European criticism tends to loosen that restraint.