Sentence Examples

  • The bottoms of the legs can vary, but true skinny jeans have a very tapered fit and may even feature zippers at the ankle to allow the wearer to loosen the opening enough to get the tight bottoms over the feet and then zip them tight again.
  • Yet extensions do require additional care and maintenance, and the best salons will advise clients about follow-up appointments to tighten extensions (they loosen naturally as hair grows), change styles, and remove the hairpieces.
  • Moreover, the countries formerly subdued by the Franks availed themselves of this opportunity to loosen the yoke; Thuringia was lost by Sigebert in 641, and the revolt of Alamannia in 643 set back the frontier of the kingdom from the Elbe to Austrasia.
  • Laxare, to loosen), e.g.
  • Absolutio from absolvo, loosen, acquit), a term used in civil and ecclesiastical law, denoting the act of setting free or acquitting.