Sentence Examples

  • He closed his eyes briefly and began loosening his tight grip on the line, readying himself to rappel downward.
  • "The old religion," Lecky says,"seemed everywhere loosening round the minds of men, and indeed it had often no great influence even on its defenders."
  • Its investigations pointed to the loosening of tribal ties and to the corresponding growth of a spirit of individual independence.
  • It possesses only slight influence over the heart and respiration, but it has a specific effect on mucous membranes as the elimination of the drug takes place largely through the lungs, where it aids in loosening bronchial secretions.
  • We hear also a good deal of witches and valkyries, and of charms and magic; as an instance we may cite the fact that certain (Runic) letters were credited, as in the North, with the power of loosening bonds.

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