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  • " Toucans " - Ramphastos, Linn.
  • Another interesting species is the toucan (Ramphastos), whose enormous beak, awkward flight and raucous voice make it a conspicuous object in the great forests of northern Brazil.
  • Genera: (a) Trochilus, Certhia, Upupa, Buphaga, Sitta, Oriolus, Coracias, Gracula, Corvus, Paradisea; (b) Ramphastos, Trogon, Psittacus, Crotophaga, Picus, Yunx, Cuculus, Bucco; (c) Buceros, Alcedo, Merops, Todos.
  • 801-803), always ready to profit by Gesner's information, and generally without acknowledgment, again described and repeated the former figures of the bird; but he corrupted his predecessor's Ramphestes into Ramphastos, and in this incorrect form the name, which should certainly be Rhamphestes or Rhamphastas, was subsequently adopted by Linnaeus and has since been recognized by systematists.
  • Linnaeus knew of only one species of motmot, and referred it to his genus Ramphastos (properly Rammphastus) under the name of R.

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