Sentence Examples

  • Jim hastened his lagging steps at this assurance of a quick relief from the dark passage.
  • He had died by the time I read that passage in one of his books, so I couldn't write him, as is my normal practice when an author's words puzzle me.
  • The children and the Wizard rushed across the moving rock and sprang into the passage beyond, landing safely though a little out of breath.
  • That they intermarried with the earlier stock is suggested by the passage in Gen.
  • Its condition thus recalls the pupal instar of the higher (Endopterygote) Hexapoda; and the Thysanoptera, though few in number, are seen to be of great interest to the student, exhibiting at once a transition between the biting and the suctorial mouth, and the passage from " incomplete " to " complete " metamorphosis.

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