Sentence Examples

  • I draw and paint, she said, flustered as his gaze stayed on the drawing of them holding hands.
  • One man says, in his despair or indifference to life, take up a handful of the earth at your feet, and paint your house that color.
  • The earliest system adopted for the collection of petroleum appears to have consisted in Early skimming the oil from the surface of the water upon Methods which it had accumulated, and Professor Lesley states, that at Paint Creek, in Johnson county, Kentucky, a Mr George and others were in the habit of collecting oil from the sands, " by making shallow canals loo or 200 ft.
  • Paint and coloured washes were liberally used to cover plastered surfaces and for ornamentation, and paints seem to have been used to bind plastered surfaces.
  • "In a language which is singularly poor in mystical works it stands with the Divina Commedia as one cf the two supreme attempts to express the eternal in the symbolism of a day, to paint the union of the soul with the supra-sensible while still imprisoned in the flesh."

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