Sentence Examples

  • There is also a tool that allows you to add customizable frames to your shots and a touch-up tool that lets you erase wrinkles, blemishes or scars on your photo subject's face.
  • Silicone cleaners can seep into the finish and create a barrier that won't allow a stain or lacquer to bond with the furniture, making it impossible to refinish or touch-up.
  • Your stylist can show you coloring and styling options for how you can let your grey grow out, while not looking like you desperately need a touch-up!
  • It is important to visit the technician regularly to undergo a brief touch-up in order to maintain the look and sustain the integrity of the color.
  • Touch-Ups: When you're primarily addressing gray at the scalp or matching current outgrowth, you'll opt for a root touch-up every 4-6 weeks.