Sentence Examples

  • The relation of the chlorophyll to light has been studied by many observers.
  • The guard-cells contain chlorophyll, which is absent from typical epidermal cells, the latter acting as a tissue for water storage.
  • Chlorophyll is not soluble in water, nor in acids or alkalies without decomposition.
  • In the Algae such a cell consists essentially of: (1) a mass of protoplasm provided with (2) a nucleus and (3) an assimilating apparatus consisting of a colored protoplasmic body, called a chromatophore, the pigment of which in the pure green forms is chlorophyll, and which may then be called a cliloroplast.
  • Each is a small protoplasmic body, in the meshes of whose vubstance the green coloring matter chlorophyll is contained in some form of solution.

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