Sentence Examples

  • Chloroplasts are very sensitive to light and are capable in.
  • The presence of too much sugar in solution in the sap of the cell inhibits the activity of the chloroplasts; hence the necessity for its removal.
  • The chloroplasts are generally distinguished by their green color, which is due to the presence of chlorophyll; but in many Algae this is masked by another coloring matterPh ycoerytlsrin in the Florideae, Phycophaein in the Phaeophyceae, and Phycocyanin in the Cyanophyceae.
  • The chloroplasts increase in number by division., which takes place in higher plants when they have attained a certain size, independent of the division.
  • It is highly probable that starch is only produced as the result of the activity of chromatophores, either in connection with chromoplasts, chloroplasts or leucoplasts.