Sentence Examples

  • This must have been quite an ordeal for her.
  • She had done nothing but cry, complain and faint since this ordeal had begun.
  • There was also a considerable amount of new legislatiofl with the object of protecting the minor subjects of the crown, and the system of trial by jurors was advanced to the detriment of the absurd old practices of trial by ordeal and trial by wager of battle.
  • Moreover, the Psylli would test the legitimacy of their new-born by exposing them to serpents which would not harm those of pure birth, and a similar ordeal among the Ophiogenes of Asia Minor showed whether a man was really of their kin.
  • Pain streaked through her, the kind of pain with no physical source.  Katie began to cry, unable to see an end to her ordeal that would mean she – or her baby – lived.  She hugged her stomach and sobbed for the loss of Rhyn, her own life, their child's.