Sentence Examples

  • The scene on Calvary differs as follows: In the Synoptists the soldiers divide His garments among them, casting lots (Mark xv.
  • The Congregational, the Calvary Baptist, the Second Presbyterian, the Independence Avenue Christian, the Independence Avenue Methodist, and the Second Christian Science churches are the finest church buildings.
  • Adjacent to Schenley Park are Homewood and Calvary cemeteries; and adjacent to Highland Park is Allegheny cemetery.
  • He was rector of St John's Church, Hartford, in 1843-1854, of Grace Church, Baltimore, in 1854-1863, and of Calvary Church, New York City, in 1863.
  • There exist also fine drawings for a "Lamentation over the body of Christ," an "Adoration of the Kings," and a "March to Calvary"; of the last-named composition, besides the beautiful and elaborate pen-and-ink drawing at Florence, three still more highly-wrought versions in green monochrome exist; whether any of them are certainly by the artist's own hand is matter of debate.