Sentence Examples

  • Is intended to prevent the king from collecting the money owing to him in an oppressive manner.
  • Above sea-level, in which the heat is most oppressive at times and the nights are unpleasantly cold.
  • The tithe was an oppressive form of taxation, as were the various fees pp ?
  • Pre-revolutionary days was beneficial and far from oppressive, and helped Lombardy to recover from the ill-effects of the Spanish domination.
  • Some of the more oppressive measures of the previous reign were abolished; the clergy, the nobles and the merchants were exempted from corporal punishment; the central organs of administration were modernized and the Council of the Empire was created; the idea of granting a constitution was academically discussed; great schemes for educating the people were entertained; parish schools, gymnasia, training colleges and ecclesiastical seminaries were founded; the existing universities of Moscow, Vilna and Dorpat were reorganized and new ones founded in Kazan and Kharkov; the great work of serf-emancipation was begun in the Baltic provinces.

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